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Digital Signage | Advantages

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Digital Signage | AdvantagesAnimated content instead of static displays – the worth of the attention is 10 to 15 times higher; recall of the information is two to five times higher than from the printed posters. Moving information draws attention – it's as easy as that.

Multi-media content – again the advantage is obvious. It's easier to gain interest with multi-media content than with static pictures. Possibilities that were reserved for the TV-advertisements are now available through the POS – and that is where it counts. 

Updating of content – it no longer incorporates expensive new designing, printing, distributing etc. The proverbial touch of the button is all it takes and the content can be controlled and administrated via internet. Optionally it can be viewed on one or multiple screens, but in any case this is all completed without printing and distribution costs.

Adapted content – dynamic adaptation of the content can figure into the consideration weekday, time of day, target group, weather, place of action etc. There are no limits for marketing imagination geared towards target groups and therefore all relevant content.

Technology – the advantages have always been there. Technological advances have finally made this a reality. Stable and well engineered software systems, enough bandwidth – and especially the availability of affordable LCD and plasma screens which allow for a wide range of possible applications.