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Digital Signage | ContentStable user-friendly technology for hardware and software is a fundamental requirement. But it is not everything, or do you judge a newspaper by its paper quality? Digital Signage is a marketing topic. Therefore the content has to fit into this special form of presentation.

It is not TV. No one would watch a 40 second spot without audio in a supermarket. And of course it is not a printed poster. It would be a shame to Digital Signage as a presentation form for static messages.  The technical possibilities set the stage for borderless forms of presentation. But too much do-it-yourself can as well be contra productive. Today we are used to high end composition - where semi-professional design can therefore be detrimental to your image.

The motto is therefore 'feed the beast!' - with high class content, that shows and uses the advantages of Digital Signage. This is where we want to assist you!

Digital Signage - Content