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Digital Signage | Fields of Application

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Digital Signage | Fields of ApplicationDigital Signage plays a similar role in the hotel as the TV screen does in the guestrooms. Action-packed images of brilliant quality create eye-catching stimuli in high-traffic zones and areas in which the guest spends time. It is always up to date and always adapted to the target audience.


  • The perfect medium for advertising
  • Dynamic content to attract and retain attention
  • Emotionally charged messages and pictures delivered in brilliant HD quality
  • Promotional offers adapted to the time of day
  • Special Spa promotions based on current capacity
  • Advertising additional sales opportunities such as vouchers and retail products to drive additional revenue streams.
  • Sale of advertising to 3rd party companies (golf clubs, museums, etc)


  • Information on your hotels' awards, facilities and services
  • Announcement of future events
  • Recommended excursions
  • Wayfinding enables your conference guests' to locate the correct room quickly and easily. Signs are automatically updated from your conference management software.


  • Displays in landscape and portrait format.
  • Individualised informative signage as an alternative to traditional displays
  • Professionally designed content with a Call to Action