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Amadeus Hotel Platform

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Amadeus Hotel Platform is a next-generation centralized above-property solution.

Amadeus Front OfficeIn a few words, Amadeus Hotel Platform:

  • is the first single application to combine CRS, PMS and RMS with multi-channel distribution
  • provides a single view of guest information helping to drive customer loyalty and bring added value through personalised guest services and one-to-one marketing
  • simplifies hotel operations by centralising the management of rates, inventory and guest data.
  • delivers an affordable and sophisticated IT solution with a pay-as-you-go pricing model, which is easily implemented across properties, enabling better central planning of the group's hotel technology investment
  • improves processes and compliance requirements by standardising functionalities across the whole hotel network
  • raises the brand profile of hotel chains, by enhancing the value proposition to hotel owners and guests
  • based on a unique technology architecture, it is designed with the scalability to support brand growth and globalisationTransform your business

at's in it for you? Key benefits at a glance

Amadeus Hotel Platform is a single-image solution serving your business needs from booking to check-out and beyond.

Amadeus Hotel Platform enables hotels to think, sell, act and adapt faster in a complex and rapidly changing environment, bringing value to your business and improving the guest experience along the way.

With fast access to consolidated data from all areas of the business, hotel companies can think, sell, act and adapt faster in today's rapidly changing market.

  • Hotels can detect and react to market changes faster. Formulate your future strategy with confidence thanks to instant insight into: occupancy levels, demand forecasts, customer preferences and channel behaviour, all from one single source.
  • Hotels can think and sell faster, increasing revenues through more targeted marketing, merchandising and greater distribution reach.
  • With the tools to act faster, hotels can implement breakthrough operational efficiencies that drive costs down and shareholder value up.
  • Using the latest, innovative guest services, hotels can adapt faster to individual guest needs, and thereby deliver and exceed their brand promises.

In summary, Amadeus Hotel Platform offers more than a central reservation system. It is a fully integrated, yet modular solution. For more insight into the individual Amadeus Hotels modules, please see our Amadeus RMS, Amadeus PMS, Amadeus POS and Hotel Distribution information.

Amadeus, your partner of choice

Amadeus is the leading technology provider to the travel and tourism industry delivering unlimited distribution capabilities, mission critical and scalable IT solutions to the world's biggest travel brands.

Amadeus owns and operates one of the largest civil data centers bringing massive computational power and the highest level of reliability and security.

Amadeus offers open architecture and ASP solutions to a community of users meaning that they benefit from constant technology evolution and innovation allowing them to stay ahead.

Amadeus is committed to long-term technology investments and the expansion of its product portfolio based on customers' current and future requirements.

Amadeus works in partnership with its customers to help them succeed in today's challenging market.

Amadeus is committed to delivering and investing in technology to provide hotel companies with unique tools to modernise operations, increase revenues, reduce costs, transform the guest experience and build brand value.