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Amadeus Revenue Management

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Hotel Revenue Management solutions to maximise profit.

Amadeus Revenue ManagementAmadeus Hotel Revenue Management System (RMS) is a state-of-the-art solution for hotel revenue management that works to fill your rooms at the most profitable price according to demand. Using advanced forecasting models combined with detailed booking data, Amadeus RMS makes intelligent recommendations to maximise your hotel(s)' revenue contribution. 

Industry challenges

In today's fast-moving and highly competitive hotel industry, multiple booking channels are competing for a diverse and profitable guest mix. A hotel revenue management tool that allows you to predict demand patterns is essential in order to dynamically set the rates which will bring optimal room capacity at the best possible prices.Transform your business. Understanding and reacting quickly to the complex external and internal factors that influence market and customer behaviour is an impossible exercise, without the ability to dynamically monitor your hotel environment and respond rapidly to optimise your inventory and rates.

Transform your business

A pioneer in hotel revenue management since the early 1990s, Amadeus Hotels offers a powerful decision-support tool with extensive reporting capabilities and a robust forecasting engine, customisable to both individual properties and multi-property hotel brands.With one single tool, your hotel forecast will be more meaningful and more accurate:

Control Faster:

Take informed decisions with advanced centralised reporting: an instant complete and accurate view of forecasted bookings at chain, brand and property level.

Sell Faster:

Identify your most profitable guests and potential guests. Then implement marketing strategies to maximise their revenue contribution.

Optimise Faster:

Allocate your fixed room stock to deliver the right rate to the right customer at the right time through the right channel.

Key features in a flash

Close monitoring with business intelligence to drive quick decisions at property & chain level

  • Our Hotel Revenue Management System includes an easy-to-understand, graphical alerter dashboard that indicates critical days that require immediate and extra attention
  • Alerts can be tailored to highlight significant changes in the forecast, on-the-books business and competitor activity

Achieve a greater understanding of your business with distinct & customisable reports:

  • 250 different reports detailing channel volumes, product performance, booker behaviour, competitor activity and more deliver useable management information for fast and effective decision-making
  • All reports generated by this hotel revenue management tool can be directly exported to any Windows application

Stay one step ahead of demand with a market-leading forecast engine:

  • Advanced forecasting methodology based on 14 different models and 4 forecasting methods, gives a precise and customised forecast of unconstrained demand
  • Amadeus RMS gives a forecasting horizon of 365 days, recalculated every day, and adjusted to improve accuracy thanks to our unique in-built performance monitoring of each forecasting method and outcome

Optimisation recommendations suggest strategies to capitalise on your hotels' RevPAR:

  • Determine and implement daily rules (length of stay, overbooking level, sales price threshold by rate and room category, group allocations) to guarantee the highest possible revenue contribution for each available room
  • Customise optimisation strategies to an individual hotel, sub-group (cluster) or entire chain based on business needs and market behaviour