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eGuest.FREEeGuest.FREE is a unique combination of hotel web design, hotel web hosting, hotel internet booking engine and e-mail service features with NO UPFRONT COSTS to the hotel. Instead of paying thousands of Dollars up-front for web design alone, plus costs for e-mail service, hosting, domain registration and other services we have pooled all these services together in an pure PAY ON PERFORMANCE package.

  • Say goodbye to High Up-front costs and long waits just to get your Hotel on the Web.
  • choose from pre-designed website Templates
  • Full Content Management System (you update your news, promotions etc...)
  • page upload within days
  • complete hosting package included
  • your own e-mail addresses for sending and receiving e-mails
  • One of the most advanced Online Booking Engines available
  • NO set-up fee and NO monthly payments
  • easily upgradeable to higher service solution
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • No percentage fee of generated revenue
  • low reservation fee per reservation only
  • complete package for as low as US$ 6.00 per materialized reservation

e-Guest Solutions offers more than 90 Templates which can be easily customized ONLINE and fit into every kind of business.

We use the industry's leading content management system for website design and maintenance. With Joomla, you need not know anything about FTP, HTML, Telnet, PHP, HTTP, or whatever apprecivations are there for the internet. If you can surf the Internet, you can maintain your professionally looking website. You will appreciate the ease and speed with which you can maintain your website.

At the same time with the use of our advanced Hotel Booking Engine Software, you keep complete control over your rates, promotions and you can even sell complete packages through the implementation of Dynamic Packages like Limousine Pick-Up, etc...