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ONEvision | In-Room Business

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ONEvision | In-Room BusinessThe high-resolution TV screen, the ONEvisionTM Multimedia & Business Appliance and a wireless keyboard ensure that your guests have access to a fully-equipped office at all times.

  • Internet: High Speed Internet Access – with full or restricted access is available on both a guests' laptop or on the guest room TV.
  • VPN Access: Offer your guests' secure VPN access to their office via open ports – secure for your guest and for you.
  • Printers: Printer connections are available either locally, using a hired device or through the network with guests collecting their printed material from the reception.
  • Standard Software: Have popular standard software (e.g. MS-Office) available for your business guests.
  • Conference Program Overview: Your guests can consult their updated conference program at any time.
  • Hire Car Reservations, Flight Checks: Inconvenient routine jobs become easy to handle with the integration of 3rd party services. This is further confirmation of the service philosophy of your hotel and another possibility of increasing revenues with commission based bookings.
  • VOIP Telephony: Take advantage of convergent IP technology – an all-in-one network. TV, Internet and telephony offered through a triple play solution.