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In recent years, some On Line Travel Agent web sites (O.T.A.'s) are increasingly important distribution channels because of the reservervation volume they deliver.  These channels are often described as 'extranets' and they have many partner T.A. web sites (affiliates) that drives the booking volume they deliver.

The only way to manage these channels effectively is to use an online extranet channel management solution.  Our channel Manager tool enables hotel revenue managers to maintain the hotel's rate and availability distribution across these extanets. Examples of extranet O.T.A.'s are,, (Qantas), Rates to Go and many more. For more information about extranet affiliates click here

The eHotel Alliance Channel Manager controls currently over 150 Extranet Online Travel Agents from a single Log-On Screen and our current development includes the combination of the Channel manager with the control of the Global Distribution System and the hotel's web booking engine enabling one point of control for all your e-channels.

 Online Channel Manager

Currently connected extranets in channel manager: